Congo Wildlife Safaris to  Odzala National Park

Africa’s known to be the best destination to be visited for Wildlife Safaris, taking a wildlife safari to Congo can be better combined with the gorilla trekking adventure in the Odzala national park while on honeymoon safari or family tour to African Jungles as recommended by reliable tour operators .

Amongst the great variety of primates inhabiting Odzala’s forests you can find both Guereza and black and white Colobus; grey-cheeked and agile mangabeys; De Brazza’s monkeys, Allen’s swamp monkeys, crowned monkeys and putty-nosed monkeys. The smaller primates here are not yet well habituated and so sightings tend to be quite fleeting and from a bit of a distance. The area is also home to central Africa’s highest density of chimpanzees  although these are very rarely seen by visitors.

The areas greatest draw is the chance to spend time with Western lowland gorillas. Two family groups are habituated for visitors and a third just for researchers. Neptune named after its silverback has 16 family members. Whereas Jupiter is a larger group of 25, though many of this family are a bit more elusive.

Other wildlife living in Odzala includes forest elephants and forest buffalos, which are often seen along the fringes of the woodlands. Antelopes may include the western sitatunga, black forest duiker, harnessed bushbuck and grey and Peters’ duiker.

The nocturnal western lowland bongo is more elusive but if you’re very lucky, a night drive may yield a sighting or you might see a spotted hyena, golden cat or water chevrotain. The rivers are also home to dwarf and slender snouted crocodiles.

With over 430 bird species recorded here, Odzala could be popular for birders. Black-and-white casqued hornbill, lyre-tailed honey guide, Gabon woodpecker, chestnut wattle-eye can be seen, along with the rare black dwarf hornbill, white crested tiger-heron and the Congo serpent eagle.

That said, travellers need to be aware that getting a good sighting of birds in such thick forest can be frustrating. Patience, perseverance and a knowledgeable guide will help, but even they don’t guarantee good sightings as birds tend to remain high in the trees and difficult to spot.