Getting there, Travel to Odzala Options

Getting around Congo, Republic of congo

Traveling around republic of congo for gorilla trekking  or honeymoon holiday in the odzala national park , the most convenient way is to fly using private crafts and planes  if you want to go from one city to another.

Traveling by road in cars which are 4×4 are tiring and sometimes dangerous depending on the season, but there is a bus system that serves the cities on the main road between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. You can also take the train that connects these two cities. For your travels in the cities you will find taxis and buses, and also cars for rent with or without driver.

Directions to Odzala National Park

Odzala can be reached either by road or by air from Brazzaville. All visitors to Odzala are required to first visit Brazzaville to complete immigration and customs formalities. Visitors requiring a visa first need to obtain a letter of invitation (LOI) that is authorized by the Congolese immigration authorities with their official stamp. The Congo Conservation Company will establish the letter of invitation and assist in the authorization process.

From Brazzaville, there are several options for reaching the Odzala Discovery Camps, but the quickest and most convenient is by air. CCC has organized a weekly departure each Thursday, which corresponds with the Odzala Discovery 7 night itinerary. Guests may check in one 23kg bag on the charter flight.

For guests seeking a different itinerary, it is possible to arrange a special private charter flight to or from Odzala.

The other options are by road, including self-driving (this option is for people who live in Congo have access to a 4 x4 vehicle).  If you are interested in this option please first Inquire.

Otherwise it is possible to access the camps by road in the 26 seat Toyota Coaster bus that takes you from Brazzaville to the Etoumbi, where the tar road ends. At Etoumbi you will then cross the Likouala-Mossaka river by pontoon barge and continue on the laterite road through the forest to the Camps in one of the game viewers.  The trip by road is long (14 hours), but provides a different perspective as one passes through the various landscapes of the Congolese countryside.

Health Vaccinations

Regarding your health, vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory, and those against cholera and smallpox must be less than 6 months old. It is better to take an antimalarial treatment before your departure.

Security in Congo

Although it is carried out in a very large part of the country, some vigilance must be exercised, especially in large cities. In addition, it is strongly advised not to visit the Pool Department and the border area with the Central African Republic.

Plan a Congo Safari

Congo safari is a trip that should be on every traveler’s bucket list,  “A safari taps into the primitive ways of humankind because you’re living in the wild and tracking animals the way hunters and gatherers once did,” she said. “It’s a transformative experience.” Right from when to visit or best time to go to republic of congo to the best time when to get around by various means , Odzala National Park guide offers reliable information.

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